Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frenzy Night #2

So, night two and we're back at it. Finished welding the boot and gave it a quick spray to prevent any rust.

"Installed" the fuel tank:

While I cut up a Falcon pedalbox (will install this tomorrow)

Michael got stuck into welding the tab for the remote battery cut off switch. All tested and working a treat!

He also fitted up the exhaust so we can check clearances and start building a more complete system.

I removed the factory pedals (for brake, clutch and accelerator) and then went to install the seat with proper bolts and discovered that somehow two of the holes are off kilter, so will have to be re-drilled. At that point, we called it a night and will tend to the seat position tomorrow, followed by mounting the pedals (I need the seat in place to properly locate these)

I also plan to mount the passenger seat tomorrow, and potentially (provided I can get to the store before it closes) run fuel hoses from the factory lines to the boot (and a filter) and possibly replace the engine fuel rail with an AU falcon one which will allow fitment of a hose directly to the rail rather than having to use hoses with screw fittings on the end.

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