Monday, April 22, 2013

Alpina style garnish on eBay

 jumped on again tonight as I didn't have time to finish going through it yesterday, and found this "Alpina" rear garnish is the same as the one on my car; as best I can tell it's not a genuine part but it sure looks good on the car. It's currently quite cheap but with 5 days left it's anyone's guess how much it will end up selling for.

Also, I thought I'd chuck up a link to the remote battery kill switch (this is the seller I purchased from) as I had some difficulty finding them at an affordable price and these are good quality and cheap.

I got my actual isolator switch from a Jaycar dealer; but it looks like you can get sufficiently decent units from just about anywhere. Here's one that ships from Hong Kong with free postage and only costs AU$10 - Battery Isolator

Anyway, further with the project:

Basically as it stands, I'm going to be moving the car on Wednesday night or Thursday to the new house. Once that happens it will likely sit untouched for a week or two as I need to build shelves and sort out all my tools and parts into the space I have available. Since I won't be doing any work on the car, I'll likely post up progress on the layout/organisation of the new workspace.

In amongst this, I've also got to finish dismantling the EB that donated it's motor and transmission to this project as the body shell from that car needs to go to scrap.

With the front of the car assembled, we're more easily able to start to visualise the way the cooling hoses will have to be modified; that will be one of the next few tasks. Basically, before it can be taken for a decent drive-test, it needs the following as a minimum:

  • Complete flush and bleed of brake fluid
  • Retaining springs fitted to brake and clutch pedals
  • Clutch pedal stop
  • Sheet metal for gearbox turret and rubber cover to prevent road debris from entering the cabin
  • Upper radiator hose modified
  • Lower radiator hose modified or alternative found - this may require sectioning the hose and fitting a joiner mid way as it needs to change dimensions in more than one direction.
  • Hose from Coolant reservoir to side of radiator - need to make something fit/work here, will need to pull one of the headlights off (driver's side) to get to this properly. Hopefully I can do this by modifying a falcon hose and using it with the standard E21 coolant reservoir (since it will fit the car easier than a Falcon one would)
  • Power steering hoses - this is vital because without these hoses, I cannot fit the serpentine belt (it would kill the power steering pump) and without the serpentine belt, there is no drive for the water pump and the engine will overheat.

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