Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tim's "Layd" Hilux Chassis

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to take these photos of Tim Knowles' "Layd" airbagged hilux chassis the other night with my iPhone. 

It's pictured ready for the body to go on - I was intending on going back with my proper camera gear to get some shots while it was like this but I missed out and it's off to be reunited with a fully painted body!

What you see before you is a one-off work of art, about to be hidden (possibly forever) by the final fitment of the body.

Sitting "aired-out" on the ground, this chassis can lift up to 220mm with the aid of an airbag system designed to sit at a constant ride height of 100mm (despite passenger or cargo weight) with the help of an Accuair e-level whenever the handbrake is disengaged.

In the front, standard Hilux lower control arms meet a Cando upper arm which retains the stock adjustments. Slamspecialties RE6 airbags and Pedders shocks take care of ride control while BA falcon rotors mate to Nissan R33 GTS-T calipers to take care of stopping.

On the rear, Slamspecialties RE7 airbags and custom Koni shocks take care of ride control with AU falcon rear brakes making sure it stops. Rolling stock are a set of one-off billet wheels - a whopping 19x11 inches in the rear and a respectable 18x8 inches in front.

In the rear is a shortened differential, with a 4 link cantilevered setup along with a Watts Linkage and the swaybar from a BA Falcon IRS rear end.

The handbrake setup is mounted to the yoke at the front of the differential, a Ford 9" unit from an XY GT with 4.11:1 gear ratio.

The exhaust is a custom built piece, from the extractors all the way down to the mufflers all being built for purpose, twin high flow Catalytic Converters are also fitted.

Air Zenith compressors mate to dual 3 gallon air tanks to supply the airbag system.

Of course the exhaust and fuel system are only there to support Tim's LS1 block taken from a Holden Commodore which runs aftermarket heads with a big cam. Power is delivered to the driveshaft through a Corvette T56 transmission.

The fuel system is a sight to behold, from the custom built BBZ sumped aluminium fuel cell to the 1/2" lines and braided hoses.

I'll make sure to get a full complement of shots once the vehicle is all together!