Thursday, July 28, 2011

Handy E30 links

Just in the process of the endless research I tend to find myself doing, stumbled across some E30 info. Unsure how much of it relates to the E21, guess I'll find out as I start working on these areas of the car!

and just in general:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Driver's Side Engine Mount Done

Finally got myself a Welder, bought a Cigweld Professional Transmig 200.

Yes, that is another 4L behind the welder, just to give you an idea of size. The wheels come in handy!

Thanks to finally having a welder, we've finally been able to build the engine mounts for the car.

Started with the standard BMW bracket, and the engine centered in the bay (all measured).

Added a couple of pieces of thick steel and a brace, and welded it all together.

Here's the standard BMW rubber engine mount (Which we are using):

Thanks to MG Hamilton for his cutting skills and fearlessness with the grinding discs sans guard (the discs are too big for the guard!)

Here's the (almost) finished brackets:

Now we just have to drill the holes for the mounting bolts, then lift the engine and bolt it on. Once that's done we can tack up the passenger side mount.

Some close ups of the (relatively poor) welds - I'd never welded before prior to getting this welder so it's all a good learning experience. If these break I'll just make new ones ;)

The other side will require a little more work to clear the strange hump present on these motors:

Here's the Driver's Side Engine Mount Bracket sitting on the engine mount/against the engine: