Sunday, May 8, 2016

Exhaust Lift - Getting There

I obtained another 2.5" flange - note that it's important if you're ever going to buy one of these, especially a 2.5", to make sure you measure the bolt center hole. In this case (and I already had, as my mid pipe has both sizes on it!) the size I needed was 105mm.

I cut off the old bent flange and welded on the new one with the pipe supported in the position I wanted as above.

Because the pipe ended up at a bit of an angle from it's original location I had a little gap to fill; thankfully the flange is nice and thick so it was as simple as building a bit of a puddle on the flange then quickly dragging it onto the pipe then stopping before it burnt through.

Mounted up, you can see I've put the bolt holes in a position that should make them a little more accessible once I've built a new floor above them.

Here you can see the original height (left) and the new height (right)

I had to get the car higher to give me enough room to bring the main part of the exhaust over the diff cradle.

I then cut off the last two bends and the flex join, then cut the flange off the flex join to re-use.

Here I've bolted the flange back to the mid pipe, so it can't move, then turned the flex join/bent section backwards, and then rotated it until it's at a suitable angle. I then tacked it in place on the car.

This is a much nicer looking angle. I'll need a small offcut to fit between the end of the flex join and the hotdog.

Removed and welded off-the-car. I had to weld on the inside of the flange where the inner part of the curve is so as to clear the head of the bolt I will use to mount it.

I didn't do any more as it was midnight and probably pushing it to keep using the grinder after then.

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