Sunday, May 1, 2016

Exhaust Lift - Extractors

So the first step to lifting the exhaust is to unbolt and remove the extractors, then to cut slots in them so they can be bent into shape. In the photo above that's what I've done, then re-bolted them to the motor and bent them up using a trolley jack underneath.

Welded back up the slots - it looks pretty bad as I was welding up some fairly wide holes rather than cutting out and replacing sections with perfect fitting bends. Maybe in the future I'll build a proper system using mandrel bends, but for now this will have to do the job.

Had a few spots on the extractors that had clearly been leaking so I ground them back with a flaps wheel and re-welded about four or five spots in total.

It's a lot easier to re-weld over some existing steel than to fill the holes created by cutting slots and bending the pipe!!

This shot is taken from underneath the car with the camera level to the sill - ignore the center pipe as I've got to remove and modify it next, but this is looking from the sill to the brace that runs level with the sill and the extractors are in the car in this shot - as you can see they are not visibly overhanging the "bottom" of the car.

A shot from the top showing the new angle of the flange, I will need to modify the mid pipe flange angle to match along with the other work required to lift the far end of that pipe up.

Ideally I need a whole new flange but I'm not sure I have one here, as the current one is bent. I'll make sure I have a good look before persisting otherwise I'll make do with what I have so I can get the floor done, and remove/re-weld once the car is in the new shed at the new house and I've got room and light to work with.

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