Sunday, November 10, 2013

More seat rails... and gauge discussion

Tonight I installed the rails on the passenger seat and fitted it. These rails end up much shorter than the drivers side, which makes it a little harder to get to them and drill the holes.

This is the space I had to work with, remembering the drivers side seat is already installed and bolted in place.

This photo shows the drivers seat at its furthest back, and the passenger seat at its furthest forward.

Last night I had Shaun helping me to hold the ratchet on the bolts. Tonight I had Mr Hammer do the hard job while I climbed under the car and did up the nuts.

Also, while I was relaxing in the newly adjustable seats, I had a thought about the gauges - with this setup I should be able to connect both the fuel gauge and the oil pressure sender. The fuel gauge in the tank is supposedly a GM spec 90ohm empty/0ohm full job. The only discussion I could find on the internet is that the E21 expects 74ohm empty and 3ohm full. This means if I put a 400ohm resistor in parallel with the fuel sender wires, I should get ~73.5ohm out of the sender when the tank is empty; and the range through to 0ohm scaled to suit the gauge (rather than reading empty at the whole 90-74ohm range on the gauge).

Since I don't have (or don't know where they are if I do) any 400ohm resistors, that task will have to wait until next week. I also need to know what resistance range the oil pressure switch (falcon - did I remember to swap out the oil pressure sender?) and factory oil pressure switch work on so I can ensure the signal sent is in an acceptable range also.

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