Friday, May 30, 2014

Cup holder, washer bottle and dash lights

So I've been doing a couple of things to make the car easier to live with since I've driven it to work a couple of times in the last month.

The first is a cup holder. I can't live without a morning coffee, and also I've got to put my logbook somewhere. It's out of some sort of Nissan and I've just drilled holes and screwed it into the trans tunnel in front of the shifter. It works well.

I've also cable tied and tidied some of the wiring mess. The original wiring was fairly well tied up out of the way but I've been adding bits and pieces that were lacking as I went so there were quite a few extra wires to tie up out of the way.

I also properly mounted the kick plate to stop passengers kicking the wiring and risking damaging it. It originally had one screw in the bottom left and just a wire tie at the top - now there are two screws at the bottom and two at the top.

I also mounted the fuse holder for the main ECU/ancillary power supply lead and used that mounting to tie all the battery leads together.

I made a thicker, uprated battery feed to the power switch and to the ground, as well as replacing the terminal on the engine-to-engine-bay ground.

I mounted a falcon washer bottle and wired the pump in. The factory BMW hose was long enough to work with this.

Aluminium checkerplate straps were perfect to secure it at the top.

Along with a slot at the bottom.

I also hooked up an LED strip to light up the cluster. Driving at night before with only the oil pressure gauge lit up was a bit odd.

Also worked out the timing was off (way too much advance) which is why it was a real struggle to start the vehicle especially when warm. Retarded it about 5 degrees and it now has no traction in second, as well as first. Scary... but fun.

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