Thursday, April 4, 2013

The heat is on!

This blog is about to get very busy over the next few weeks!

Basically, I've got to have the car able to move under it's own power within the next 3-4 weeks - preferably drivable for 5-10km's so I can put it on a single trip unregistered vehicle permit and not have to hire a trailer as I have to move it to a different location.

I've enlisted the ever-willing help of Michael "Hamo" Hamilton to get as much done, properly, in as short a time as possible. Tonight we got stuck in and knocked quite a few tasks off the list:

We cut the fuel feeder pipe - I am going to use the bottom portion of this pipe to run the hoses from the factory lines to my in-boot falcon fuel tank.

Hamo installed the "external" battery cut off pull - see below:

This runs to the cabin and will be affixed to a bracket that means when it's pulled it remotely cuts the battery power by turning the switch located between the driver and passenger seats (as previously discussed)

I got stuck into welding up the sections of the boot floor removed to allow the Falcon fuel tank to fit.

I've put as many progress shots here as I remembered to take :)

Proper templates would have probably saved me a bit of time/effort here.

Finished one of three holes

Meanwhile Hamo moved onto mounting all the wiring - note I obtained a Jaycar terminal block (in the middle on the board) to facilitate distribution of power to the fuses.

A closer shot showing the relays, fuses and distribution blocks.

Mounted up under the dash - because the passenger seat will be right back as per the driver's seat, there should be no danger of kicking these wires - having them low enough to access should make it easier if we need to adjust/troubleshoot them.

Another of the boot holes filled:

Started on the third before running out of time/patience/capacity to inhale fumes.

Hamo moved on to the steering guibo as this was only very loosely attached.

I'm sick of bloody seam sealer catching fire! Once your weld is at it's flash point, it keeps re-igniting itself until the weld has cooled sufficiently.

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