Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pedals, Seats and Fuel

Day three of the mad frenzy to get the car ready to move is on; and we left of last night at the hurdle of the seats being crooked. Tonight we looked at the pedal assemblies and decided to adapt the BMW pedal assembly (use the BMW brake pedal and linkages), add a pedal pin for the falcon clutch pedal, and mount a falcon accellerator pedal - this will also mean re-mounting the driver's seat a couple of inches closer to the steering wheel which will in turn improve reach to the wheel and negate the requirement for a custom shift lever.

First I checked clearance to the steering rack which runs under the clutch pedal side of the pedalbox.

Then the pedalbox was removed, this requires quite a bit of doing - note it's easiest to drop the steering column although it is possible (just) to remove it without this step.

Below is the EB pedalbox clutch pedal pin assembly

Which was cut out, and I made an offset bracket for the pin to attach to the BMW pedalbox (pictured below)

At some point I turned around and noticed that while welding the boot back together I'd scorched a section of paint on the rear bumper. It doesnt' look like any welds penetrated the metal here so I should be able to just sand this back and re-spray the colour and clear to fix this.

Hamo changed the fuel rail from the EF style to an AU rail - he's seen below changing the injectors as the ones in the AU rail are filthy and just in unknown condition.

The pedalbox is currently partially re-installed in the car and we will continue with the build (and updates here) tomorrow.

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