Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Franken-tunnel filled

I sprayed this black to protect from corrosion prior to taking final photos, so decided to get out the DSLR to take these shots. For anyone interested, it's shot on a Canon 7D, 16-35mm f/2.8L and with a 430ex speedlite.

Close up of the driver's side.

Zoomed out shot of the driver's side.

Rear section, replacement piece made by bending around the cut off section of the sway-bar.

Overhead view.

Passenger side - close up.

Another passenger side shot.

In the corner near the back seat base - lots of flammable seam sealer here made for hard work, I overlap welded in  an inverse bent section to bridge the gap as I couldn't get it any closer with hammering or levering.

Zoomed out passenger side. 

The handbrake's new "down" position. It's higher than standard but should not pose any issues in use. If it does, I'll cut and re-weld the handle.

The remaining cuts are from underneath and only open into the cavity which passes over the tunnel; Initially I probably won't worry about welding these - another shot is below:

Next job is to make the mounts for the center bearings - I think I'll just weld a nut to a peice of drilled flat stock and then bolt that to the bearing ears (bent per the image below) and weld that to the original (cut down) center bearing mounts.

In case you were wondering; here's a shot of the pit showing a little more on how I lit these last few shots - every other time I've tried to shoot from under the car I've had trouble with really harsh shadows - bouncing the flash off this piece of white board allows me to get a much larger (and softer) light-source. 

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