Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fuel hoses, pedals, and almost ready for test firing.

Today I collected 7m of EFI 5/16" fuel hose. Thankfully BMW and Ford both saw fit to use the same size hard-lines so the hose is easy done. I also got 10 hose clamps and a filter with 5/16" hose fittings on each end (it's from a commodore apparently).

I estimated 6m of hose but got 7 since that's how much comes on a roll. I used 5.85m - a pretty good guess if you ask me :)

Fuel filter mounted to the boot interior using a hose clamp and conveniently located bracing.

While I was mounting the fuel filter, Hamo got to puttiing the pedalbox back in properly - the clutch pedal is shown sitting roughly in place.

It almost hits the trans tunnel but it has full travel and does not actually contact it.

The brake pedal (excuse the poor lighting) mounted with the clutch pedal - here you can see both are at the same height.

Fuel lines run from the outlet on the pump to the filter, from the filter to the original hardline under the hose (via the original filler tube which is now fitted with a rubber strip to prevent wear through of the fuel hose).

The return runs straight from the original hardline under the car, up through the filler tube and is cable tied to the supply hose.

The fuel lines in the engine bay run to the original hard-lines too.

And to the fuel rail and regulator.

Here I've made a bracket for mounting the falcon accelerator pedal (pictured) - it needs to be mounted at a 45 degree angle to vertical for the pedal to work properly and to be at the same height as the other two pedals.

Tomorrow I have to:

  • Fit the fuel tank from the EB
  • Fit fuel tank straps (from the EB)
  • Weld in accelerator cable bracket
  • Feed accelerator cable into cabin (and test)
  • Drill hole, feed and adjust clutch cable (and test)
  • Install correct ECU and.... TEST FIRE!
Can't wait!

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