Thursday, March 14, 2013

Temporary Exhaust

So I'm slowly checking off my list of things to do for the motor to be test fired; the exhaust has been a hard one to get to as I often don't get out to the shed until after 10.30pm and this means I can't realistically fire up the grinder and start cutting up donor peices of exhaust. Tonight I decided to get out there early (straight after tea) while I could still make some noise and while I still had some light.

Hot-spot welding the thin exhaust tubing means good penetration without blowing holes and without too much weld sitting proud of the metal.

Cleaning up with the flaps wheel after making a relief cut and folding one of the bends tighter.

I now just need a flange for the bottom (although there's no reason it can't be test run as-is now)

In terms of remaining jobs to be able to fire the motor, I have the following (assuming the rest of my wiring is functional):
  • Run power and ground to fuel pump in boot
  • Make and run fuel hoses from fuel rail to hard-lines in engine bay
  • Run fuel hose between hard-lines under car to pump in boot, including installation of a filter.
  • Burn non-smartlock tune to J3 chip from and install into ECU and install to car.
  • Install this exhaust pipe at the very least

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