Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Milestone reached - engine turned over for the first time!

So tonight began with the relatively simple, yet optimistic goal of having the engine turn over.

  • First I located a suitable engine block->body ground and connected that
  • Installed battery to battery box and installed ground
  • Removed isolation switch and installed positive feed to battery
  • Located a distribution block and connected all the temporary twisted positive wires from testing to the isolation switch
  • Connected the dash->engine bay loom plug
  • Connected the engine loom to the bay loom, including TFI.
I also located, while in the shed, a part that I'd thought I didn't have (The dusty looking cowl that sits at the back of the bay and seals the vents in the bonnet to the cabin rather than the engine bay). I couldn't remember having ever removed or even seen it (but had seen on many videos posted by others on youtube), yet I managed to spot it on top of my shelving under a pair of EB Fairmont seats.

Anyway, with all that in place, I decided to try and turn it over.

Voila, first go:

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