Sunday, March 31, 2013

More progress

As always, a half hour here and an hour there means that things (however little) get done, and every little job completed takes us one step closer to done!

Re-fitted the door handle that was painted in the update A few quick things

Cut the end of the exhaust off straight and welded on a section with a flange (taken from a falcon catalytic converter).

Then, I went to bed.

Today I started putting the transmission tunnel back together. First I cut out some paper templates, then held these over my donor metal and sprayed black spraypaint (hey, it's easier than marking out where I need to cut with a marker or scribe!)

Next I cut the pieces out with a pair of tin snips and then hammered back flat with a mallet.

Once that was done, I used a flaps wheel to remove the paint/primer from both sides of the donor metal.

And proceeded to weld them to the car and to each other.

The rubber inside the trans tunnel kept catching fire

Which meant the shed got a little smokey!

Here's the underside.

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