Monday, March 4, 2013

Small progress - two steps forward, one step back

So I went out tonight to cross some easy (no-grinding required because I am out of discs) jobs off my list. Of course as one does I picked an easy job first - refitting the tail shaft only to discover that it ain't so easy any more. Having to lift the gearbox to clear the steering rack with the au sump means the tail shaft is hitting the floor under the handbrake. No big deal just means I need to cut the handbrake assembly and lift it up by approx 1" to give it proper clearance. I could just lower the box and install tailshaft then re-raise it as the tailshaft should clear ok once slid into the box however this would make removing it in the future a much harder proposition than need be. Oh well.

So next job was to mount the battery kill switch, that's done now and I have also routed and attached the starter power cable. Need to hook up other engine bay looms and a ground and I should be able to see if my wiring will make it crank!

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