Sunday, March 31, 2013

Filling in the transmission tunnel

So I got a chance to go back out to the shed in the waning light of day, unfortunately my work light (pictured below) doesn't really cut it for visibility with the welding mask on anywhere near as well as sunlight does, so I much prefer welding during the day for this reason.

This photo was taken mainly to illustrate the smoke, although this is nothing compared to when I first started getting my phone out of my pocket. These photos are now taken with an iPhone 5 as I have upgraded (previous shots were primarily taken with an iPhone 4S with occasional Canon DSLR shots thrown in)

First I walked the welds up the thinner gaps as putting filler metal in place would have had the same effect (the welder would have just melted the thin sections) 

This also helps firm up the whole assembly for template making and welding.

Next I started cutting some filler pieces and welding in place.

Including over the top of the tunnel:

Another filler panel - this time I didn't make a template I just trimmed an offcut section by section using tin snips until perfect.

Tacked in place...

...and welded:

The next section looked fine when held up against the hole, but had to be cut in half and done as two pieces as it started to go astray where I've cut it.

And another under-body shot, this time of the driver's side.

I've still got to finish the smaller hump areas at the back and then possibly weld in new pieces from underneath the car where that was also trimmed.

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