Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bellhousing fits

Did a couple of things tonight.

First, the bellhousing and motor fit in the bay together, only need some minor extra trimming, then it's time to get a helper around (I don't have an engine-angle adjuster for the engine crane, so I either need to make one, or get someone around to control the crane height while I manually do it. - getting the bellhousing in on the engine was a challenge, as I had to get the crane set to veeeery slowly go down and then try and guide the engine in, which would be easy were it moving fast but is quite hard to hold half the weight of the engine as it's sloooowly lowering into the bay)

Also, put the main switches and buttons on the "control" board;
All the toggle switches are simple on/off and will control negative switched relays to minimise wiring, with the exception of the windscreen washer pump which is a momentary toggle. The starter motor switch is a beast, I forget what it's rated (look waaay below for that, I think it's in the list of things I purchased near the start). Here's a picture of it in the dash:

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