Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did some more work. Progress - no, really!

Hater's gonna hate, but here it is - Ford Australia 4L inline 6cyl in the bay!

I decided to cut some of the top of the radiator support away to make it easier to fit - made getting this to drop in an absolute breeze! Hopefully will be easy even with gearbox attached!

Not a lot of clearance at the back, the hammer will come out to play tomorrow to massage this a little, I have to see how well the sump fits at the front to determine if I can move the motor further back in the bay or not.

Other side of the motor, showing where the heater pipe comes around the engine, and where the oil filter lines up

The harmonic balancer doesn't clear with the EA-D style balancer, will have to try the EF-AU style tomorrow to get the whole thing to sit further into the bay, as at the moment it binds up between here and the firewall.

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  1. Clinton,
    I've been looking for the BBS rear side skirts you have and want to make you an offer for them and/or the entire body kit. Could you be convinced to sell with them and/or the Alpina rear display?