Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wiper Parking Sorted

Sitting down and thinking things through is something I always do when it comes to wiring. Sure, you can always put fuses in and replace them when they blow; but I'd much rather understand how a circuit is going to work before I put it in place and into action. I think this approach will also help if there ever comes a time that I have to troubleshoot any wiring on this car.

Tonight I hooked up a 5 pin relay following the circuit diagram I drew up two nights ago, hooked it to the power and grounds in the car, and tested it out; and hey presto - it worked first go!

The video below first shows the motor being fed just power on the "fast" circuit and a ground signal, then at about 14 seconds shows the new setup (with power feeding out to the slow circuit; it's easy for me to change this, I'll have to see what's actually needed most often in practice)

As you can see from the video, if you flick it off while the park circuit sensor is still in its "parked" range (i.e. right at the beginning of a new cycle) you can catch it out, but for the most part it works very well.

I also soldered up the signal wire to the fuel gauge. I've got a set of stickers made up to remind me that the gauge is inverted; in my best google-translate german, of course.

Finally, yet another globe bites the dust; I had the lamp tucked into the door trim and caught it with my knee while lifting myself out of the race seats in the car and trying not to burn myself with the soldering iron.

really need to sort out proper lighting in here.

Also, you may have tried in the past to comment on the blog and found that you were unable to without a google account; I've recently changed that (although left moderation turned on to avoid any blatant spam as I had issues with that with the default settings) - so hopefully some of you regular readers can make yourselves known - I'm getting a decent amount of hits on the blogger stats every time I put a post up now and it seems to be fairly consistant. Let me know if you're watching and if so, what do you think I should cross of the todo list next?

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