Friday, December 13, 2013

Fan and bumper support

So I'm sitting here about ready to go to bed and realise I've got a bunch of photos on my phone from some extra work I've done on the car while my internet was capped (for 14 days!)

Firstly, I was delayed due to a typically Warrnambool wet end to spring; and further water ingress into the shed made welding look like a risky prospect. As a result I was moved to the front of the car by necessity. I've since looked at the drainage on the driveway with the landlord and hopefully we've got it sorted. With any luck summer will be nice enough that we won't get any super-heavy rain for a few months anyway.

If you've been following this build for some time, you will have seen this bumper before; for those that haven't, this is the metal front bumper or rather fender (as the E21 has a seperate bumper that runs over this). As you can see, not a lot is left once it's clearanced for the radiator. This will be further complicated when clearance is made for the thermofan in the center. As a result, I need a solid mount inside the fender to mount the fan assembly to and to try and prevent minor knocks and impacts from pushing fender, fan and radiator into one another.

Here's some random steel that I got from my father in law

Measured, cut, and welded.

Clearancing the radiator support because my lack of foresight didn't ensure the radiator could be dropped through the support.

As you can probably tell, further work is required here.

And here...

Here's how the bumper "clears" the radiator in situ.

Painting the welds just because I had some paint sitting around this time.

Rad removed and stand offs welded to the sheet metal front - remembering that while this is intended to be rigid to prevent movement of the fan and bumper, it's not intended to be structural; unfortunately because of the radiator size it's next to impossible to tie these properly into the chassis from the front, and until I get a better look at wheel lock and suspension travel behind these parts, I can't really attach from the back either. Put that down as work-in-progress.

Tacked and tested.

Welded and painted

Radiator re-installed 

Not sure if I've posted a shot showing the radiator support in place with the bonnet closed; so here you go. Scarlett loves "Daddy's Race-Car" and I'm not allowed to move it without her in it!!

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