Sunday, August 12, 2012

Progress. Slow as usual.

So I've got a few little jobs done on the car lately.

Welded up a few access holes in the floor, cut up an old bonnet I had sitting around for the right gauge steel (and in keeping with the low/no budget theme of this build!) so now I just have to make a template for the firewall area and weld that in. I was originally going to cut each of the angles I need and weld them together but that could prove to be a total pain. I'll see how I go making a template, even if it means I only make a couple of templates and still have to weld in two or three pieces.

I've also put a standard cam and rocker gear into the motor so I can at the very least set up the timing. I have to find a cam bolt and some rocker cover bolts, then I can start putting the timing chain on. Once that's done, I can refit the sump!

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