Friday, September 19, 2014

Better lighting and an iPhone 6+ = better photos

Got myself an iPhone 6+ today which has optical image stabilisation for much better low light photos; the result with the one very average light I've previously demonstrated here, captured with the 6+ is as follows:

I've also spent some cash at my local bunnings, finally sorting out some Fluro light battens; three more double fixtures so now I have four evenly spaced. The difference is like night and day:

It looks like the result will be much nicer images for the blog. Here are a few detail close ups:

Also a shot showing the reflection from the lights:

One showing a bit more low light flexibility (in shadow in the cabin):

Also I've put new bolts and locktite in the right hand CV joint at the hub end, so the car is moveable again. While I had the vehicle jacked up to make access easier I clearanced the front left wheel arch through the extent of the steering lock - hopefully this will stop the scrubbing:

A bit more massaging with hammers and wheel removed, some rage gold and hi fill primer/paint will mask my butchery. It needs to be test driven first :)

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