Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some adjustments

So tonight I decided (around 10.30PM) to go out and have a look at what still needed to be fitted up on the car. First and foremost I needed to confirm for myself that the power steering pump will now fit; which it does (hooray!) 

Unfortunately, the very next thing I noticed while trying to work out how best to run the power steering lines, is that the sump was sitting on the power steering rack lines. The AU sump is a completely different design to an early sump and has aluminum braces instead of being a thin, steel sump. I carefully clearanced part of one of these fins with a carbide bit on my die grinder (very finnicky with the whole lot in the bay!) then spaced out the engine mount on this side to allow clearance over the banjo bolt beneath the line (which it sat down on as soon as I clearanced the rack line)

I soon decided my existing attempt at a gearbox mount was failing on two fronts; first it was not holding the gearbox assembly anywhere near high enough for my liking, and secondly - it looked as weak as a chinese carnival toy. I removed the vibration dampener bolts - I am going to put some 25x50 RHS through the trans tunnel on either side here and then will connect longer bolts through the dampener - this will retain the smoothness of a traditional style rubber mount but allow a much higher, firmer mount without interference with the tailshaft.

Hole partially cut; then I called it a night as it's midnight; and I'm sure my long-suffering neighbours already hate me enough without me grinding into the wee hours of the morning.

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