Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thermofan Wired

Tonight, I wired up the thermofan.

At first I was going to wire it to the ECU for control, with the dash switch as an override but then once I started looking at what I thought was my ECU pinout, I got very, very confused. First, the pin numbers listed didn't make any sense. Wait... this wiring is for an EF ECU... I never used an EF ECU! How on earth did I get this car running without any sort of written wiring list?

I jumped on the net and found an EB/EL wiring diagram and checked the pin locations in the plug. I never added the pins. I obviously decided that for my uses, manually controlling the fans made more sense, and it probably still does.

As you can see from the video, the fan spins up OK and moves a bit of air. It probably needs a shroud to ensure all the air it takes in is forced through the radiator, but not a catch-all and direct through the fan type shroud; effectively just a tunnel within which the fan will sit. I'll work out the details later.

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