Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Swaybar - Test Drive

Here's a video from a short drive to test the front swaybar. Noticable almost immediately was more steering response (or at least in my head... although this is possibly more attributable to me adding air to the tyres!) and feel; especially when performing a U-turn and when backing the car off the ramps. There's still a noise when turning right on an off-cambered corner. I'm not 100% certain as to what this is; I have already bent the left hand front guard away from the tyre and it's hard to load the suspension up unless driving the vehicle to eye-ball it, but I'm also not happy to drive it far enough to make sure it marks whatever is rubbing without a proper tailshaft.

I guess what I'm going to try first:
  • Get the front end in the air and support the control arms with axle stands.
  • Turn wheel lock to lock and check for obstructions; resolve said obstructions. The guards may need further fettling.
  • Remove the ridge in the top of the wheel arch. Lots of people with lowered E21s have mentioned this as an issue and it's not imperceptible that it's the cause of this issue. It's got plenty of clearance when stationary however without a go-pro to strap to the guard to eye ball it, it's hard to tell how far it compresses under cornering load.
  • The tyres may also be hitting the trailing edge of the front bumper. This needs to be inspected at the same time.
Note: 1st gear goes to 70kph.

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