Friday, March 14, 2014

Oil Pressure Gauge - VDO Retro

Stumbled across this sweet VDO electronic oil pressure gauge on eBay.

Not only is it a cool retro gauge that almost matches the original E21 gauges (except the orange needle, which matches my fettled speedometer!) but it was the cheapest on there by a margin; indeed cheaper than I found similar gauges at the Ballarat Swap Meet.

Pretty simple to wire up, it wasn't long before I had it connected to ignition switched power, ground, the sender on the motor, and the globe hooked into the headlight circuit (I haven't yet illuminated the dash cluster - better get around to that!)

I was thinking about all sorts of neat mounting solutions involving a custom fibreglass pod, purchasing pods etc.... but then I spotted this strap on the ground, bent it into shape, riveted it closed, and screwed it to the side of the dash. Perfect!

This location seems visible enough for a cursory glance, it's not like it's impossible to move down the track if I decide it isn't right.

Tested, and it sits bang in the center of the gauge with the engine at idle. Perfect!

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