Friday, July 10, 2015

Big Brake Progress

I received my shims back from the machinist (thanks Niflex Engineering) - so in preparation for fitting the calipers, last night I started to paint one of the two.

I'm sure you can all relate, once you've fitted and are using something, the desire to remove and re-work it becomes almost non-existent.

I used VHT Caliper Paint (Red)

Here's a shim fitted to the hub; it seats on the brake seat in the center (the hub then steps down for the wheel, so it looks like it doesn't fit - it has no play whatsoever though.

Holding a rotor in place. Note the rotor and shim need to be drilled to 4x100 to match the original brake rotor.

I'll use the drill press and a 63mm tube to center the shim to the original brake disc, then drill through the original holes as a guide. Once that's done I'll use the same setup and the shim itself to center the new rotor and drill that also.

The difference in size between the two setups is massive.

The VHT instructions call for two light coats followed by one "wet" coat. This is after the wet coat. Unfortunately because it's reasonably cold here (it's the middle of winter) the finish isn't as smooth as it might otherwise have been.

I cut out some PBR logos with a vinyl cutter and attached. I'm going to apply VHT Gloss Clear caliper paint over the painted/stickered caliper to help protect the finish and hold the vinyl in place (the adhesive may not otherwise hold up to the heat).

More once I get some tube and can start drilling!

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