Sunday, May 18, 2014

Desktop Wallpapers - 1920x1200

Took the E21 out for a little photoshoot the other evening after work. I thought I'd missed the sunset but in fact managed to capture some amazing colours regardless. A tripod would have made it a bit easier to get the shots I wanted.

You can right click to download as 1920x1200 res which should scale for most computers. If you want a higher resolution let me know and I'll see how I go sorting it out for you.

The drive to take these shots highlighted a few issues with the car; the first two I have sorted -
There was a slight leak around the seal of fuel cell. I have tightened the screws in the past but it still has a minor weep, I've now put a bead of threebond black around the filler ring. Hopefully sorted now!I also purchased a fire extinguisher which I'll be fitting soon. Also, the steering wheel wasn't quite on straight. Easy fixed.

Also a few issues which only had temporary solutions and need re-doing - washer reservoir, proper sealing between cabin and under bonnet, seam sealer to bellhousing, weld & seam seal rear corner of passenger compartment near tailshaft hump, clutch pedal stop... the list goes on, as always!

The biggest issues are the lack of a bash plate to protect the sump (as it hangs quite low) and also the brakes. The brakes are terrible given the vehicle's new found power. I'm not sure if a re-bedding process will sort them out (as they've hardly been used in 4 or so years!) or if I need to move forward my plans for upgrades in this area to suit. I'll try bedding them again first, and replacing/rebleeding the fluid.

All photos taken with Canon EOS 5D MkI and 50mm f/1.4 Lens.

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