Friday, April 4, 2014

Tailshaft Progress

After my last post, I cut the tailshaft just shy of the total length, to test for trans tunnel fitment. I then also cut down the E21 tailshaft (not pictured) and slid it inside the falcon shaft. This was then fitted up to the gearbox and the diff, measured, and sent away.

Tonight, the guy doing the work on my tailshaft turned up with the adaptor made and pressed then tacked into place, uni joints clocked.

This was so I could test fit and ensure that with the adaptor fitted, the tailshaft could still fit onto the vehicle. At first... it didn't.

Somehow, despite owning two bottle jacks, I couldn't even find one. The single piece shaft slides up the passenger side of the diff, then you lift the front and slide into the box. Before the adaptor was fitted, there was enough flex in the shaft because of the diameter differences for it to clear the tunnel. Afterwards however, the edge of the tunnel (where it opens out between the factory fuel tanks) was stopping it from lining up and sliding into the slip yoke on the gearbox.

I gave up subtlety with the jack, and got out a wood splitter and the trusty angle grinder.

And butchered the poor trans tunnel some more. The main problem area has four pieces of metal meeting which means it's impossible to just hit it and bend it, it needs to first be cut with the grinder. Because the seat is in the car, I haven't yet welded it back together - I think down the track I will probably cut a section out and weld a new piece in.

I also had to cut off the mounting points for the standard center bearing. The shaft finally went into place and could then be checked - measurements are looking spot on!

I also got some stickers to get the car a little more ready for track work, with thanks to Karl Thomson for the first set, and the inspiration to order the second battery triangle for the opposite side rear window.

It's looking a little more like a race car now :)

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