Sunday, February 23, 2014

ROH Casino

So it turns out (with no small degree of creative google-fu), the ROH wheels already on the E21 are called "Casino". I'm still not sure what offset they are as I've never even had them off the car (I haven't even removed the center caps) - I'll hopefully get around to that tonight when checking to see if the Momo 16"s will clear the suspension on the rear.


Interestingly, they seem to be a copy (or at least very similarly styled to) Zender's "Turbo"

It seems a number of brands made this style wheel so it must have been popular for a short while despite not being around in huge numbers now, Momo also made what I assume is a copy of the Zender wheel - they didn't even bother coming up with an original name for theirs, also calling it the "Turbo":

And who could forget, Ronal also made a wheel called the turbo; perhaps most recently best known as the wheels that were on rusty slammington.

So, with that, I'm no longer in the dark as to their origins. As to what if anything I do with their finish, I'm unsure at this point.


  1. I think Ronal would have been the first to bring out and name a split-rim wheel called 'Turbo'. Zender and Momo, among many others, have made one-piece copies with the same name for years. Not sure if Ronal also make a one-piece version of the Turbo with a different name. Are the Momos going to be a permanent fixture or just on while you refurb the Zenders? The style is a little too modern, perhaps. The 'Turbos' look ace, but could do with being 16x8 or 9, but thats just for looks. As yours are 16x7 Momos, I would be interested to know if they improve or worsen the handling and poise of the car. Mine danced around with 15x7s on and the 16x8/9 made it worse and more lumbering, but mine was all for show. If I was drifting I would have stuck the 15s back on.

  2. The Momos are only to allow me to use some existing tyres (left over from when I owned an nb8b mx-5) - they definitely aren't a permanent fixture.

  3. The second to last photo -- what model wheels are they? I have a set nearly identical, but they're made by Work Wheels. Besides that I have no clue as to their age or model.