Friday, October 11, 2013

Revised Radiator Support Part 3 and Fuel System Fittings

Had an awesome time tonight introducing the new garage to the concept of welding.

Can't be stuffed going out to the back shed to get the flaps wheels to clean up the welds so I'll do that tomorrow and also get to cutting away the original support.

I purchased a used, genuine Bosch 044, and fittings to suit both it and my fuel cell - all of which have since arrived. Unfortunately the fittings for the fuel cell don't fit because despite the eBay seller advertising it as having -8AN fittings, it actually has -10AN. I've requested they supply -10AN female to -8AN male reducers to rectify the issue. If they don't I'll lodge a paypal dispute. It's only $8 per reducer to just buy some but I think it's only fair that they should have to fix their mistake on principal.

I've also ground down and painted up an AU rocker cover for the engine. The yellow doesn't work in this engine bay - I think the cast iron finish will work much better (although time will tell for certain!)

The finish isn't perfect however once I sort out an airbox etc you won't be able to see a lot of the rocker cover.

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