Thursday, October 31, 2013

A quick update... Progress is stalled

Just a quick update from my phone - my home internet is capped for the next seven days (I hit my 400GB limit again) so this means two things: one - I can't really edit my images before putting them up, I have to upload them from the phone, and two - I will be making more progress due to lack of Internet than I would otherwise be making.
Here I am fitting my 5/16" hose fittings to my Bosch 044. I have a feeling that before I actually use this setup I might change to a filter with larger outlets than 5/16" - maybe -8AN in and out - that way I can have a less restrictive inlet.
5/16" inlet fitted.
Pretty sure it's a genuine pump, the stamping looks authentic and it's definitely heavy enough.
I got the eBay seller who sold me the fuel tank to refund me the cost of 2x -10AN female to -8AN male adapters and ordered those from another eBay vendor - they finally turned up so I have been able to fit the -8AN -> 5/16" hose barb adaptors to both the supply and drain locations on the tank.
Now all I need is to fab up some brackets, wire up the pump, hook up some hoses and chuck in some fuel and we'll be able to test it all out!

I put the bonnet back on the check the alignment of the new radiator support frame before I bolt it into place - looking pretty good - more below:

With a few minor adjustments I should be able to drill it out and weld in some nuts allowing this to bolt in place. Once that is done I can weld a mount for the brake booster support, a couple of headlight brackets and the radiator itself. I can then start to build a bar to sit inside the bumper and to hold the fan assembly in place.

My wife is going out of town this weekend with the kids for a week, I would imagine the combination of their absence and the Internet situation will result in some fairly rapid progress.

Once the fan assembly is in place, and radiator is mounted, I can sort out the bottom hose (I don't think the flexi hose I got will do the trick so it's looking more and more every day like I will have to use two 90 degree silicon bends (one as a 44-38mm reducer) and a joiner with thermostat (purely because these are easy to find!) to sort that out. Then in combination with the fuel system I might actually be able to have the car idling for some time!

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