Sunday, September 15, 2013

Revised Radiator Support - Part 2

Dragged the chop saw out and quickly cut up another length to make manuevering it around the front shed a bit easier - the setup in this back shed is getting closer to how I want it but it's still a bit of a chinese picture puzzle moving things around when I need to use the space. There are a few items yet to find a new permanent home.

Chopped to near the desired size, ready to go.

Tonight I got sick of not being able to see. I've picked up four fluro light fittings which I have to repair and can then mount to properly alleviate the issue, however in the meantime I've replaced one of the compact fluro globes with a 200w 240V incandescent globe (see if you can guess which one from the photo above)

 As a result, I can see somewhat better now - although the main issue with these lights as they sit is their location causes nasty shadows unless you're working with your back to a wall, and is useless almost anywhere if you have to work on the side of something. Here I've cut out yet another section of the radiator support. 

And another. I'm noticing as I go that my drawing isn't quite sized accurately and as a result some of the angles are resulting in larger than ideal gaps. This will make the welding interesting. I may have to re-do some of the pieces to save a bit of time and frustration in the welding process. 

Here's another piece added to the mix 

This long bar will run across just above the belts on the engine. I am hoping it clears the top radiator hose. If not, I'll have to cut it and build a new section that goes up and over once the rest is done.

Here I've cut the far end and matched it all up to make sure I'm keeping my overall width correct. All looking good so far!

Essential safety gear - protective footwear not required!

Just a reminder of the abomination I'm replacing with this new assembly

The first of the front pieces done - note that the original (see line to the left of this bar) radiator support has a slight curve - I will be welding on some spacers for the headlight surround mounts once the rest is complete.

And the other side, here the curve is still present although the angle of the photo doesn't really show it.

Front piece done - once this is welded together a couple of tabs will have to be added to this piece as it's actually higher than the rest (for the grille mounts)

Can't wait to get it tacked together so I can sit it over the car to check it's all O.K.


  1. Reckon that'l probably do the job but it sure looks heavy. Is it going to sit along the top of the rad? Is it meant to act like a strut-brace and stiffen the front up?

  2. Yes I am going to cut away what's left of the radiator support including the top locations for the headlight bucket mount and the grille.

    What's left at the moment is way too flexible and I'm wanting to make sure I can get the radiator and fan mounted quite solidly as clearance between rad/fan/motor will be so tight I can't afford them to move at all

    The other issue this will resolve is that since I cut the radiator support up the brake pedal travel and feel has been terrible, with the bonnet removed you can see the front flexing where it has been cut. This new brace is designed to be super strong in that area in particular to overcome that issue