Friday, September 13, 2013

Revised Radiator Support - Part 1

So tonight I decided if nothing else I'd measure out and draw up the essential dimensions of the radiator support.

That was easy enough. What do you know, now I have an empty bench top with a sander and grinder, and my angle grinder is in the front shed. Off for a short trip to get an offcut of 25x25x2mm galvanised RHS from the back shed.

A closer shot of the driver's side - this is shown from "underneath" due to the way I used the light plastics as a template for the front edge. Note the cross frame - this is for strength - the reason the member at the top comes in sharply is that it has to go around the coolant reservoir. You should also be able to make out where it's marked "booster" - this is where the factory booster bracket mounts and is at the same angle as the original. I am not sure how it will compare in terms of height however if required I will just weld a sleeve to the support for the bolt to hold the brake booster. Note the radiator sits level with the booster as well so I can't just have a member straight back from the booster to the "front"

Passenger side - crossed out line follows factory piece dimensions, however cross brace needs to run between engine and radiator so I have adjusted to suit.

The sander and grinder were both being stored on this bench. That's handy!

Piece "A" cut and placed on the template. This is pretty quick going. If only I had my welder handy to tack these in place.

Piece B - seems to be lining up pretty well so far.

Piece C - a bit of a hiccup in the top corner with a larger than intended gap. It's ok, I can bridge that with weld easy enough.

These corner joints look to be the bomb. 

Another couple of pieces before I ran out of offcut steel. I'll have to grab another length from down the back tomorrow to continue.

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