Tuesday, May 7, 2013

E21's on YouTube

I was just directed to the following video by PimpPalaceCustoms who is also responsible for the mad looking Mid Mounted Mazda Mini Truck. No interior? No Bonnet? No Problem!

This awesome video got me thinking back to the some of the videos that have helped re-energize this build as it's progressed, and I thought I should post some examples here.

Another E21 engine swap - this one with an EVO motor is laying down some very controlled drifts:

Some group 5 hillclimb video, mainly for the sound to get the spine tingling and help with motivation:

Hopefully I'll have similar traction issues to this car:

Here's a video which I found via the European Car Club of Australia Forums shortly before I got my motor running:

Here is an example of what NOT to do:

This is the reason I've not thrown away my original M20 - audible magic - turn up your speakers:

While I'm on the subject of M20's, eBay Germany has listed this very rare Hartge Rocker Cover

I also noticed an auction running for a set of yellow headlamps; might be worth a look if that's your thing:

Even if you don't speak German, this Magazine could be a good little conversation starter on the coffee table:

Also, I've posted one of these before - but here in a different livery is another Group 5 Model:

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