Thursday, November 8, 2012

No news, so I'll post some photos instead!

Bonnet and front back on; almost forgot what it looked like!

Worked out that my sunroof actually opens! All along, I'd only thought it was a tilt roof as it just clicked like a ratchet when trying to turn the handle the other way (although it went too far past closed and seemed odd that there were rails for it to open right up). Managed to give it a bit of manual persuasion (pusing down and back on the top of the roof while winding the handle) and it opened. Once it got past the initial difficulty, it opened very easily and freely. It's still a bit stiff at the extreme point of closing or opening but I think that's just the interior trim catching on the frame, so I'll have a go removing that and then see if it's any better. Since the car will have limited ventilation when it's done, being able to open the sunroof will be a massive benefit for airflow through the car.

Had a stuck front wheel bearing or brake rotor corroded, to the point my normal method of moving the car (ride-on lawn mower) wouldn't move it, and you couldn't turn the wheel by hand. Hooked up one of the other cars in the yard (Ford Fairmont, also powered by a 4L I6) and it started moving no worries. Seems to roll fairly freely now so I'm going to assume it was just corrosion on the brake rotor from a bit of water.

Finally, here's a quick video of my (now retired) EB with the motor that currently seems destined to end up in the E21:

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