Sunday, June 3, 2012

Front rail brace

Saw a couple of photos of a weld on chassis brace at bimmerforums, decided to make my own. It's stepped forwards a little compared to theirs, as I may yet need to modify the factory cross frame above it to clear the harmonic balancer, we shall see what it looks like when that's all fitted up!

Also cut and bent away a few more pieces of the radiator support for hose clearance, I'm hoping to somehow fit a standard sized falcon radiator in front of the support by making a box frame to hold the front end together. The new brace will make a good base for my radiator bracket either way, and may be the foundation of my front end boxing.

Before you get too worried, I'm planning on keeping the twin lights! If I have a radiator in the way of one then it just won't be as functional as I'll have to use the glass with an LED or similar to make a shallow lens

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