Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Switches, Electrical, and a small update

The car needs a new battery before it will start again, and also the ignition barrel not letting the starter even try is driving me mad.

As a result i've just placed an order for the switches required for the car:

I already have the labels printed for the switches, however if anyone knows more correct German for the labels, please let me know so that I can re-do them before I make the panel to fit them to!

Below is the order I have placed (including some extra bits that will be needed, cable ties, solder, heatshrink, some extra wiring, label cable ties for looms etc etc)

I've also had another quick look over the car and there are quite a few spots where surface and other rust is starting to show in the bodywork. Unfortunately the last few years of the car's life being in a coastal climate has not been friendly in this aspect, despite it being constantly garaged. I'll be buying some rust converter and a few more wire brushes tomorrow to make a start on the boot area - i've already removed most/all the loose rust with a screwdriver and a small wire brush - what i'd really like is to get it converted and then primed. It can be given a coat of body coloured paint where needed at a later time (I may get some mixed into a rattle can however my father has some of this in acrylic for painting from a proper gun)

There are also a few small spots of rust coming up under the front windshield, which may require further attention. The area around the boot seal also looks to be potentially worse than first glances indicated however this will require removal of the seal and treating to guage just how bad it is.

None of the rust so-far has been a deal breaker however, so the show will go on :)

No pictures today as I really haven't made any progress to speak of. I'm just getting over a rather dreadful flu which has taken me out of commission for the last three working days and confined me indoors. Hopefully work tomorrow doesn't take too much out of me, and I'll be able to make some progress on this and other projects I currently have "on the go."

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