Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some "light" reading

Just some light reading for those of you interested,

a member over at boostedfalcon pointed out the Moates Quarterhorse which allows for realtime tuning of the EEC-IV.

At $249US (around $270AUD + postage) it's hardly what one would call un-affordable, and would certainly save a lot of time starting, datalogging, stopping, adjusting, rinse & repeat behaviour that is required for the normal J3 tune with my existing chip writing equipment.

Moates Quarterhorse

There is a cool clip of it working "in-realtime" on youtube:


It sounds like it's relatively easy to convert the definitions from the TI setup (which is written for TunerPro) to work in BinaryEdit (alternatively, we could try using a newer, beta version of TunerPro which supports live tuning via the Quarterhorse unit).

I've also sent an email to Brown Davis regarding pricing for a four-point roll cage, CAMS approved. Hopefully we can raise enough money by scrapping all the random parts accumulating in my yard (as well as a car shell or two) to help cover the cost of this. Trying to see if we can keep costs down by getting the cage un-painted, and doing this ourselves (it's just like painting anything else, and this way we could do it the same colour as the car!)

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