Saturday, March 20, 2010

The motor is out

Last night, Karl came in and we removed the motor from the car.

All things considered, this was quite a task. We started around 10pm and finished at 4.30am.

It would appear that some massive over-engineering went into the design of many aspects of this engine - the amount of seemingly superfluous hoses running from manifold->air intake, radiator hoses, and numerous other items that seem completely uneccesary seemed a little insane. We'll see how much neater it is once we've made the changes we want to ;)

No pictures yet as we took them with Karl's phone and I haven't had a chance to copy them on to this machine for uploading (but we did take some!)

I also primed the rust repair in the boot. It's looking good - now I need to do the rest of the rust in the boot and prime that (And maybe get a rattle-can of "Resedagrun" top-coat to make it less "obvious")

The bonnet is off the car (as a side-effect of removing the engine) and i've removed the sound deadening and also the factory mounts. We are going to be using bonnet pins and in future will just lift the bonnet free of the car to work on it, this allows much better/easier access to it.

Pictures etc later :)

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